How do I use Force?

Please note that Force can only provide technical support for your Force program. For any clinical questions, you should contact your Care Team using Force Messages or by calling your Care Team.

Force Therapeutics is an online care plan prescribed to you by your Care Team. 

Your Care Plan provides you with educational and exercise materials to help prepare you for surgery and recover afterwards. It also lets you stay connected with your Care Team throughout your recovery. 

When using a computer to access Force, take a look at the dark grey sidebar to the left of your screen. (If you are using the Force Patient application on a handheld device, click on the three horizontal bars in the lefthand corner of your screen to reveal this sidebar.)

You will see several tabs: Home, Videos, Messages, Health Profile, Exercise Log, Progress, and Tech Support.

An overview of each tab will be provided below. 


Your Home page consists of two sections: 1. To-Do List and 2. Timeline.

  1. To-Do List

Each time you login to Force, you will be asked to report your pain level. You will then be directed to your To-Do List. 

As you approach your surgery, your To-Do List will begin populating with various exercises and educational materials that you can view. 

Clicking on any task in your To-Do List will direct you to the corresponding material. If you click on the light grey box to the left of each task, it will be checked off as completed. Some tasks will only be checked off once you view their corresponding materials.

2. Timeline

Your Timeline, whose tab can be found beside your To-Do List, will provide you with a general overview of your Care Plan. You can use it to review old materials prescribed to you in Force (click on "See Past Events" to do so), as well as get a glimpse of what is to come.


The Videos page consists of two sections: 1. Daily Exercises and 2. Care Instructions

  1. Daily Exercises

Your Daily Exercises are exercises that your Care Team has prescribed you. For each exercise, you will be advised on how to perform it, how often, and any additional instructions.

2. Care Instructions

Your Care Instructions, whose tab is located beside your Daily Exercises, are primarily educational resources. These might include instructions on how to manage your medication or how to prepare your home for recovery.

Feel free to explore your Videos library to view any resources that are currently available to you. This library will update with new materials as you approach your surgery and recover from it. 

You will receive an email notification from Force each time new material is available to view. These materials will also be found in your To-Do List upon logging into Force.


The "Messages" page will direct you to your messaging system. If your organization has this feature enabled, you can use it to communicate with your Care Team to address any clinical concerns, as well as send photos and videos of your progress. 

NOTE: This feature is not meant for technical support issues. Please contact if you are experiencing any technical difficulties on Force.

Health Profile

Your Health Profile provides your Care Team with important demographic and medical information, and serves as an overview of your medical records within Force. 

Your profile encompasses your Account Info (email address, profile picture, etc), your Personal Info (height, race, etc), your Medical Info (medical history), and your Procedure Info (pre-op pain, etc). 

You will be asked to fill out your Health Profile when you first login to Force, and can edit it at any time.

Exercise Log

The Exercise Log is primarily meant for your own record-keeping. Many patients use it to keep track of the Force exercises they complete on a given day, as well as any additional activity they might perform, including walking, cycling, or swimming. 

A Session refers to a period in the day that you have designated to complete your prescribed exercises. If your exercises indicate that they are to be completed "3 Times/Day", then you would have three individual sessions that day. 

For detailed instructions on how to use your Exercise Log, click here.

NOTE: This Log is not monitored by your Care Team, as it is only meant to serve as your personal diary. If you would like to share any progress updates with your Care Team, please use Force Messages or call their office. 


Your "Progress" tab provides a brief look into where you are in your Recovery Timeline. It will also provide Force engagement information, including your number of logins, how many videos you have watched, and a graph of your Pain History. 

If you are using a handheld device, like an iPhone or an Android, you can enable Step Tracking. Your Step Count History will be found under this tab as well.

Tech Support

Our Tech Support page will bring you to a support website that is outside of Force. On this site, you will find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as step-by-step instructions for how to use each feature on Force. 

By clicking on "Click here to go back to Force" at the bottom of each page, you will be directed back to the Force website. 

Feel free to reach out to with any questions you might have, or click on "Contact Us" below.

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