How do I enable step-tracking in Force?- iPhone/iPad

Please note that Force can only provide technical support for your Force program. For any clinical questions, you should contact your Care Team using Force Messages or by calling your Care Team.

If you are using the Force Patient app on your iPhone or iPad, you can sync your step tracking data with Force to share with your care team how much you are walking.

To enable step-tracking in Force, follow these instructions. 

1. Go to Settings 

2. Scroll down and click on Privacy3. First, make sure you have Motion and Fitness enabled. To do so, click on Motion and Fitness 

4. Make sure "Fitness Tracking" is turned on, like below. 

5. Go back to the Privacy screen 

6. Scroll down and click on Health

7. Click on Force 

8. Make sure all three options are toggled to “on”

6. Your step data will now be synced with your Force Patient app.

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