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Please note that Force can only provide technical support for your Force program. For any clinical questions, you should contact your Care Team using Force Messages or by calling your Care Team.

Care Plan: Your Care Plan is the program your surgeon has designed for your medical needs. It consists of specific materials such as exercises and Care Instructions which are delivered in phases. Your Care Team will notify you when you’ve progressed to a new phase by sending you an email or text message (if you have enabled text notifications.)

Care Team: Your Care Team is the group of clinical individuals who create your Care Plan in Force and are committed to your recovery. This group may include people such as your surgeon, Physician's Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, and Surgical Coordinator. Your Care Team will receive any messages sent and information submitted through Force to help monitor your progress.

Care Instruction: Care Instructions are educational pieces of information that your Care Team would like you to know in order to actively participate in your recovery. They will include information like preparing your home for surgery and what to eat before surgery. Force will provide you with the information you need, when you need it. The videos are designed to be easily digestible, and you can refer back to them at any time. Some of your Care Instructions may be written PDF documents, while others will instead be videos. You can find your Care Instructions in the Videos page.

Phase: A specific time point in your Care Plan which corresponds to sets of exercises and Care Instructions that help optimize your progress. These phases will automatically update. Your doctor will notify you when you’ve progressed to a new phase.

To-Do List: Each time you log in, your Daily To-Do List will display the materials that you should view and complete that day. This includes a daily pain check-in, exercises, care instructions to view, and/or forms to complete. You should aim to achieve 100% completion each day. You can find your To-Do list on your Force homepage. Some items on your Daily To-Do List get checked off automatically and some you will have to manually check off once you have completed them. 

Timeline: Your Timeline gives you a visual overview of what’s coming up in your recovery, as well as materials in the past. It includes phase changes and when forms are due. You can find your timeline on your Force homepage.

Health Profile: Your Health Profile is a series of medical and demographic questions. All members of your Care Team have access to this information within Force and use it to better understand your recovery.

Outcome Form: Your outcome forms consist of questions pertaining to your recovery progress. These forms are standardized across the country, which means that all patients undergoing similar care from various providers are asked the same thing.

It is important you fill out your forms so that your Doctor has a better understanding of your recovery to date. The responses you provide, along with the responses from many other patients, help doctors and researchers better understand long term surgical recovery. It also helps them improve the standard of care for patients like you in the future.

Your Doctor will need you to fill out your outcome forms at specific points in your recovery.  Force will notify you when they are ready for you to complete. Please fill them out to the best of your ability.

Reps and Sets: A Rep is one motion of an exercise. If you are asked to do 5 reps, you would repeat the motion of the exercise 5 times. Those 5 reps are a Set. A Set is a group of Reps.

Session: This term is used in reference to your Exercise Log, which patients can use to keep track of the exercises they have performed. A Session refers to a period in the day that you have designated to complete your prescribed exercises. If your exercises indicate that they are to be completed "3 Times/Day", then you would have three individual sessions that day. Each session in your Exercise Log might include several exercises that were prescribed to you that day. Some patients will designate these sessions as morning, afternoon, and evening. 

Care Partner:  A friend or family member who will be helping you with your recovery.  

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